About Us

Who Are We? 

We as Bee Wasp Removal Perth experts, extend our helping hand to keep your property free from destructive bees and wasps. From bee hives to wasp nests, our professional bee wasp removals assist you to eliminate their infestation safely right away. Inspecting the severity of the infestation, our experts figure out effective treatments to eradicate the hives and nests and relocate them to a faraway place. As per Australian law, killing bees and wasps is partially against the law. So, we employ careful and gentle approaches to eliminate them safely from residential societies and commercial establishments, without harming or killing the insect.   

Our Step-By-Step Approach to eliminate Bee and wasp Infestation 

Bees and wasps can attack you, your children, and your pets with painful stinks. The worst thing occurs when these pests attack you in the group. So, to protect yourself and your family, make sure not to go too close to their nests and hives, and call us immediately on sensing their infestation. Our bee wasp removal Perth team arrive at your doorstep with the necessary tools and equipment, and offers the following services and solutions:

  • Our inspection team first assesses your property to locate their nests, hives and the status of the infestation.
  • After that, we chalk out which type of bee or wasp has taken shelter at your property and plan the removal treatment accordingly.
  • Then, our exterminators employ safe and effective techniques and baits to remove their nests and release them outside at a distant location.
  • Our experts take preventive measures to avert their re-arrival.
  • To make the area germ-free, we spray non-toxic and pet-friendly sanitisers.
  • With multiple years of experience, we remove a number of bee and wasp types, including yellow jackets, bear bees, ground bees, carpenter wasps, paper wasps and hairy bees.
  • We offer a follow-up service to make sure your property is completely wasp and bee-free.   

Our Competence and Certifications 

Although bees are important for pollination, honey cultivation, etc., they can pose severe threats. Hence, our professional bee and wasp removals skillfully remove their hives and nests without killing or harming them.

  • We can differentiate between bees and wasps and offer customised treatment.
  • Our professionals have Certificate III in pest management and bee removal.
  • We are associated with beekeepers in Perth.

Why do Residents of Perth Trust Us For Bee and Wasp Removal? 

When it comes to removing bees and wasps in Perth, our solutions are matchless. With a team of skilled and certified experts, we not only remove these pests from your property but also undertake foolproof measures to prevent them from re-entering your neighbourhood. Take a look at the topmost reasons that make us your trustworthy choice.

  • Licensed staff: Each of our team members who handle the nest and hive relocation program holds a license from a recognized organization.
  • Serve a wide range of premises: Our services are not only limited to homes and offices. We go beyond that and serve hotels, hospitals, restaurants, schools, etc., throughout Perth.
  • Same-day bee wasp removal: We are well-known for our quick and effective services. In case of emergencies, we provide our clients same-day bee and wasp removal services.
  • Fine-tuned solutions: Each bee and wasp is different and so do their hives and nests. Therefore, we believe in offering bespoke solutions for the best outcome.
  •  No harm or killing of bees during the process: Bees are important for our nature, and thus killing them is considered a criminal act in Australia. However, we promise not to kill a single bee in the process and relocate them safely collaborating with the beekeepers.

Our Bee And Wasp Removal Services Are Available In Every Nook And Corner In Perth

We have been serving thousands of people in Perth happily for over 25 years. We might be located in a single place, but our reaches are long. Apart from offering our bee and wasp removal services in the core areas of Perth, we serve the metro regions, such as Armadale, Belmont, Bayswater, Gosnells, etc., suburb areas like Burswood, East Perth, Ashfield, Highgate, etc., and CBD areas. Call us now to experience flawless and stress-free bee and wasp removal services.