How To Get Rid Of Wasp Nest And Keep Them Away

Having a wasp infestation or a wasp nest at your house makes an unpleasant feeling. Especially wasps are harmful to small kids or people who are infected by stings. However whenever you notice a wasp nest or infestation call an exterminator. But if the problem is small you can deal with it yourself. Thus if you are dealing with a wasp infestation or nest you must wear protective clothing. Regardless, in this article, we will suggest to you: how to get rid of wasp nest and keep them away. Firstly you must know how to remove the wasp nest safely. In this article, bee wasp removal Perth will be discussing how you can keep the wasp away which is some precautions. Let’s discuss the effective measures how to get rid of wasp nest and keep them away

Get Rid Of Wasp Nest And Keep Them Away

Steps To Remove Wasp Nest Near Or At Your Property 

Following are some steps about how to get rid of wasp nest and keep them away

  • Planning And Safety:
    • Before destroying any wasp nest, first, make sure that you are not allergic to their stings. If you don’t know about that consult the doctor and do a test for allergies. Thus if the test confirms that you are not allergic to sting, then continue with removing the nest. Apart from this if your test confirms that you’re allergic, immediately call professionals for it.
    • Furthermore, call the local wasp exterminator. Thus in the call solve your query related to removing the wasp nest. Hence professionals will help you in identifying the wasp species and even advise you on what to do for removing the wasp nest. 
    • If the wasp infestation is very risky and aggressive we suggest you contact the call exterminator for removing the wasp nest. However, if the wasp is a yellow jacket species then you must hire professionals for removing their nest. 
    • Moreover, if the wasp is not near your house and not causing any damage to you and your property. Then we suggest you leave the wasp nest instead of ignoring it. 
    • Even while planning for removing the wasp nest you must be aware of which species’ nest it is. Thus three main types of wasp species nest are paper, yellow jackets and hornets. 
    • Also while removing the wasp nest it is very important to wear protective clothing. Even though you are not allergic but for safety, you must wear the clothing. 
  • Destroying the nest: 
    • Firstly, always remember to destroy the wasp nest during the night. Thus for eliminating the wasp nest buy a pesticides spray from the store. However, pesticides are for small insects but can be very effective in destroying the wasp nest. Moreover, leave this spray overnight for resting. Hence if you still observe the wasp activity spray pesticides again. 
    • Regardless if the nest is on the ground instead of normal pesticide, insecticidal dust is best. The insecticidal dust wasps contaminate the other wasps in the nest. Then after dying of the wasp, you can easily break the wasp’s nest with the stick. 
    • If you are not happy with the pesticide or any type of chemical solution, you can go for DIY methods. Thus for removing the wasp nest make a solution of dish wash soap, you can also go for using smoke by placing directly below the wasp nest. Thus all the above DIY methods are very effective for removing the wasp nest. 

Precautions You Must Follow For Keeping The Wasps Away 

We all know how dangerous the wasp infestation is. But for keeping the wasp away from your property we have some precautions to share. Thus following are some precautions to keep the wasps away. 

  • Seal The Entry And Exit points: During winter goes for a detailed inspection of your house for checking the entry and exit points of wasps. Thus some entry points of wasps are loose siding, cracks in the windows and unsealed vents. Hence these all are the common places for wasps to enter your premise. Therefore sealing all the entries and exit points will prevent wasps from entering your place. 
  • Knock The Vacant Nest In Winter: Importantly, wasps never come back to their used nest. However, several species of wasps make new nests just on the old wasp nest. Therefore, it is better to knock down any wasp nest to check whether it is empty or full of wasp infestation. Thus, if the wasp nest is empty, clean it from that place as during the springtime wasps reclaim their hives. 
  • Seal The Garbage Cans Outside Your Premise: The scent of garbage and stolen food are always attractive to wasps. Therefore, to keep them away from your place you should seal up the garbage cans. Moreover, on the regular basis, you must clean the garbage cans with water and detergents. Also, eliminate the food from garbage which becomes the source for wasps. 
  • Be Careful With The Fruit Trees: Fruit trees especially rotten fruits are the magnet for the wasps. Therefore think twice about planting any fruit tree near your property. Thus if you have a fruit tree then regularly harvest them. Moreover, pick up the fallen fruits from them. 
  • Hang Fake Nest: Wasps are very territorial and don’t like to build their nest close to another wasp nest. Therefore hanging a fake wasp nest will keep the wasps away from your place. Thus, you can buy the fake best from hardware stores. Apart from this, you can even use the brown bag to keep the wasps away. 


With this article hope the question is solved that is how to get rid of wasp nests and keep them away is. Thus if you are still facing the problem while removing the wasp nest. Then immediately contact a wasp nest removalist. With modern tools and standard techniques, experts can easily remove wasp nests. We also offer Bee keeping services. The above steps and DIY methods are very helpful in removing the wasp nest and controlling the infestation.